Proud Pastor

As I watched our students engage in the simple act of raking a lawn I realized how wonderfully complete their transition from a youth group into an active Endeavor society was! As the event unfolded it was clear that they have a great deal to learn about planning and coordinating details of such events. However, it was equally clear that this team of intrepid young servants is up to the task! As they went about serving several elderly and in-firmed people in our community I saw them blessing and being blessed. The image of a fragile and lovely lady named Connie hugging our students as she referred to them, as answers to prayer will forever be burnt into my mind. They get it my friends and I find myself excited as I dream about what they can accomplish as they get more accustomed to planning details and dreaming even bigger dreams! Thank you Lord Jesus for the willing hearts and sold out lives that I see in these students!  I am truly proud them and honored to call them equal co-laborers in Christ for the cause of His kingdom!!