Sunday, December 29th, 2013: Names of God "Jehovah Rohi"

Jehovah-Rohi = The LORD is my Shepherd

  • Pronounced:  juh-HO-vah  RO-hee
  • First mentioned in Psalm 23


1. Christ is The Good Shepherd                  (John 10:14-18)

  • Role:  Christ is the Good Shepherd
  • Relationship:  He knows His sheep and they know Him
  • Sacrifice: Christ willingly lays down His life for His sheep


Shepherds in biblical times: 

Sunday, December 15th, 2013: Names of God Series "Jehovah Shalom"

Video:  Sandy Hook: “Evil did not win”

     The life of Emilie Parker, First Grader -

     A story of giving, selflessness, choices and hope.


1. Concepts of Peace:

English concept:

  1. Absence of outward conflict
  2. State of inner calm

Hebrew concept: 

December 8th, 2013: Names of God Series "Jehovah Tsidkenu"

Giving of gifts at Christmas:

  • Giver usually has a relationship with receiver
  • Gift given freely
  • There is a pressure on the receiver to return a gift of equal worth.  But, what if you cannot?


1. The standard:  Jehovah Tsidkenu: “The LORD our Righteousness”

  • Pronounced: juh-HO-vah tsid-KAY-noo”
  • To declare righteous, justice, or innocence


2. Our realization: No one is righteous

December 1st, 2013: Names of God Series "Jehovah M'Kaddesh"

1. Jehovah M’Kaddesh: “The LORD who Sanctifies”

  • Pronounced: juh-HO-vah mek-KAH-dish”


Sanctify defined: Makes holy

  • Can also mean dedicate, consecrate, set apart
  • Used over 700 times in the Bible

“Consecrate yourselves and be holy…follow my decrees…I am the Lord who makes you holy.”           (Lev. 20:7-8)


November 24th, 2013: Names of God Series "Jehovah Nissi"

1. Jehovah Nissi: “The LORD is my Banner”

  • Pronounced: juh-HO-vah NEE-see
  • Name of the altar built by Moses after defeating the Amalekites                              (Ex. 17:1-16)
  • The God who is powerful to overcome any enemy
  • Isaiah prophesies that the ”Root of Jesse” (Jesus) will stand as a banner for the peoples      (Is. 11:10-12)


Historical) Purpose of the Banner: 

November 3, 2013 Sermon Recap: Names of God Series "Adonai"

“Adonai” = “the Lord” (Capital “L”, rest lower case)

  • Pronounced: ah-doe-ni’
  • The term was pronounced in substitution of YHWH (LORD) which was considered too sacred to be uttered
  • Used 215 times regarding man (master, sir)
  • When used of man, it is always singular, “adon”
  • Used 300 times regarding God in Old Testament
  • When used of God, it is usually plural
  • It confirms the concept of the Trinity


October 27, 2013 Sermon Recap: Names of God Series "El Shaddai"

“El-Shaddai” = “God Almighty”

  • Pronounced: el-shaw-die’
  • One mighty to nourish, satisfy and supply
  • “The God of the Mountains” (God reveals Himself as El-Shaddai when He confirms his covenant with Abraham)


“When Abram was 99 years old, the LORD (Jehovah) appeared to him and said, ‘I am God Almighty (El-Shaddai); walk before me and be blameless.  I will confirm my covenant between Me and you and will greatly increase your numbers.’” (Gen 17:1-3)

October 20, 2013 Sermon Recap: Names of God Series "Jehovah"


1. Absolute self – existent One

Jehovah:  Translated “the LORD” (all capital letters)

  • Pronounced:  je-ho’-vah
  • From Hebrew – to live, life
  • He has always been, He is and He will always be!
  • All other names of God in Scripture are derived from His works except one – Jehovah
  • The most frequent name in the Old Testament occurring 6,823 times



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