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A Changed Life (Sermon)

Steps to a changed life:

  1. Matthew was called to take Action
  2. Share your changed life to others
  3. Finish running the race
No Condemnation (Sermon)

There is a big difference between saying "I'm sorry" and "asking for forgiveness".

4 Step process of Asking for Forgiveness:

  1. "I did..."
  2. "I admit that I was wrong"
  3. "Please forgive me for..."
  4. "I commit to not doing that again"
Gratitude Attitude (Sermon)

This week we focus on being thankful and developing a Gratitude Attitude.

Main points:

  1. Their Faith healed them. "As they went, they we cleansed"
  2. There is a an impact of a thankless life
  3. Have a Gratitude Attitude. "Be a 1 in 10"

Video of Sarah Churman hearing for the first time

Asking Questions is OK (Sermon)

It is OK to ask questions to continue growing in your faith. When you do, there is a shift to act in faith—even to the point of risking your life for the sake of Christ.

Seeing with Insight (Sermon)

The Blind man in this passage was able to see what others were blind to. As Christians, we need to speak up and tell others our faith story. This is especially impactful when we have had a true experience with God and when we are actively walking in a relationship with Him.

Interruptions with God—Don't Miss (Sermon)

God allows interruptions and plans them for us. We need to adjust and learn from them.

Elohim (Sermon)


Jehovah (Sermon)


El-Shaddai (Sermon)