"The Great Commission is For Us Today"

Last words are important:  Jesus’ last words were the Great Commission spoken some 2000 years ago to His Disciples and it is in effect for us today.


This is “The Great Commission” not “The Great Suggestion”


The Great Commission is so important that it is listed in each of the Gospels and Acts:  Mat. 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-16, Luke 24:46-47, John 20:21, Acts 1:8


1. Authority:  Jesus said, “All authority (God-given) in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.”   (Mat. 28:18)

"How to Get Back on Track" Part 1

Introduction:  There are situations and people reactions that can influence leaders to turn away from their life calling.  How can we pull out of a downward spiral?


Context:  Three powerful years of training, miracles, hope and vision had collapsed with the abrupt end of Christ’s life.  Peter had denied Christ 3X. The Disciples had fled in fear.  They had seen the resurrected Christ, now what?


Peter’s Downward Spiral:

"Letting Go!"

Song – “Let it go!” from movie “Frozen”, Idina Menzel


Moms let go of their children in many ways, we will note 6 ways:

1. Letting go of my future to accept God’s plan for my life

Angel Gabriel came to Mary                     (Luke 1:26-38)

"Got Questions?"

Q) Did you ever get branded with a knick-name that you could not shake?  For a statement he made the Disciple Thomas has long been known as “Doubting Thomas”, but was he?


Let us look at the life of the Disciple Thomas:

1. Thomas was courageous and inspirational

  • Context: Lazarus had become ill and died (John 11:14)
  • The leaders in Jerusalem had become hostile to Jesus and His ministry           (John 11:57; 12:10)
  • Jesus wanted to go to Jerusalem


Saved...Just in Time!

Jesus was crucified between two thieves

  • We don’t know their names, just their crimes.


They heard Jesus respond to the soldiers who were crucifying Him: “Jesus said, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”                                 (Luke 23:34)

The Roman Centurion who witnessed the crucifixion said,   Surely He was the Son of God!”             (Mt. 27:54)


These two criminals show the great contrast:  (Lk. 23:32-43)

Freeing People from Bondage

2 weeks ago, we saw that Jesus had power to calm the storm on the raging sea.  This week we will see that He has the power to calm the storm inside and protect the person.

 1.   When there is space and focus in our life, we can

see and hear the pain in people’s lives    (Mark 5:1-8)

Living Fearless in the Storms of Life

us consider five truths about the storms in your life:


1. You may have a plan & don’t see the coming storm

It is natural to experience storms in your life.

Jesus gathered His Disciples, “Let us go over to the other side.”

                                                          (Mark 4:35-36)

He clarified the destination, but didn’t mention that there was going to be a fierce storm in the middle of their journey.


Sea of Galilee:

Be Responsible: No Blame—No Excuses

Bethesda = “House of Grace”

- A spring-fed pool with five covered porches where the sick (blind, lame, paralyzed) waited their turn to step into the stirring waters and be healed.


The man had been invalid for 38 years.     (John 5:1-6)

  • His problem (invalid) had become a “way of life”.
  • He was caught in a cycle of excuse giving
  • He saw no options


Jesus asked him, “Do you want to get well?”

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