Sunday, May 25, 2014: "How to Get Back on Track Part 2"

"How to Get Back on Track" Part 2


May 25, 2014

Preached by: 

Passage: John 21:15-25

This week we will address the issue of overcoming failures in our life.

1. We get blocked – remembering our failure(s)

After Christ’s arrest, Peter denied (3X) that he knew the Lord:

“Peter replied, ‘Man, I don’t know what you’re talking about!’  Just as he was speaking, the rooster crowedThe Lord turned and looked straight at Peter.  Then Peter remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him…he went out and wept bitterly.  The men who were guarding Jesus began mocking and beating Him.”        (Luke 22:54-63)


  • The Lord was exactly right that Peter would fail
  • Imagine how remorseful and heartbroken Peter felt when the Lord looked at him 
  • I wonder if Peter felt that he failed so big that he could never again be used as a Disciple of Christ


Q) When we fail, what do we tend to do?

____ Hide the failure “under the carpet

____ Become frozen – unable to act

____ Avoid the person we failed

____ Blame others for our failure or poor choice


2. Christ confronts our “Point of Pain”  (John 21:15-16)

2 kinds of love are mentioned:

Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him (agape–selfless, devoted)

Peter responded that he loved Him (phileo - cared as a good friend)

  • Pain gets our attention to take action
  • He asks the tough questions
  • He does this to set us free

3. Christ challenges us: True love of God will serve men

                                                          (John 21:17)

  • The Lord said to if you truly love Me, you will serve by showing care and spiritually feeding others
  • F.I.A. = Faith In Action              (James 2:14-18)


4. Christ challenges us to “Die to Self”:    (John 21:18-19)

  • He brings us to our cross    


Historically, Peter died in 64 A.D. during the reign of Nero.  Peter would actually die by crucifixion upside-down because he did not consider himself worthy of dying the way that Christ died.



5. We compare our self to others           (John 21:20-23)

Peter wanted to know what would happen to the disciple John.  Jesus said don’t worry about that – You follow Me!


The Problem of Comparison; we feel: 

  • Pride: Compare our strengths with other’s weaknesses

“When we measure or compare ourselves by ourselves we are not wise.”                          (2 Cor. 10:12-13)

  • Insecure: Compare our weakness with other’s strengths

Remember there is always someone better than you in any given situation, skill or …



6. Christ challenges us to an “Audience of One”

                                                          (John 21:22-23)

  • I am on the stage and God is my audience (not people)
  • I am independent of other’s likes or dislikes


  • Compare myself to God’s plan for me – did I do my best?
  • “Love God and do as you please”
  • Regardless of other’s responses – was God pleased?