"Was the World Created in 6 Literal, 24-hour Days"


June 8, 2014

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Passage: Genesis 1:1-2:3

What we are taught is the age of the Earth is 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years (4,540,000,000 years ± 1%); an old earth. 

Q) What if the earth was only 12,000 years old; a young earth?


Secularists teach - about the age of our earth:

  • Great amounts of time are needed
  • Time + Chance (ignoring the second law of Thermo-Dynamics – there is progressive disorder (increase in entropy) over time in a closed system)
  • There is no God interaction; no supernatural


  • Radioactive dating – e.g. uranium gradually turns to lead over time; the degeneration of isotopes is assumed to be constant


Four primary views of the creation “days” in Genesis 1:1-2:3

1. Revelatory Days Theory:  These days were simply revelatory days during which God revealed the creation scene to Moses.

  • Exodus 20:11 contradicts this view


2. Age Theory:  Each day represents an “age”. 

  •  A day is “like” (not “is”) a 1000 years (Ps. 90:4,

          2 Pt. 3:8).  The emphasis is God is timeless.


3. Time Gap Theory:  Each day of creation were literal days separated by a huge time gap.          (Ps. 90:10,12)


*4. Literal Day Theory:  Each day of creation were literal days with no time gap between them. (Young Earth)       (Ex. 31:17)

Historical:  Hebrew scholars tell us that whenever a number is used with the Hebrew word for day (yom), it always refers to a literal solar day (no exceptions).  Since God is said to have created the universe in six days, literal solar days must be meant.


Several challenges to the “old earth” theory:

If the earth was 4.5 billion years old, then: we would expect…

  1. a.    Deltas on rivers like the Mississippi and Nile would extend much farther into the seas.

Historical:  The Mississippi River carries 500,000,000 tons of sediment per year into the Gulf of Mexico – enough to extend the coast 300 feet each year.  (With recent rising sea levels, this “land building machine” has been abated.)

  1. b.   Depth of cosmic dust on the moon….

Historical:  When Apollo 11 landed on the moon surface, it was designed with four-5’ wide “coaster” landing probes on the lunar module to prevent sinking into the dust.  To their surprise, less than 1” of cosmic dust was found. 


Conclusion: God created the world in 6 literal 24-hour days.

9 Implications:  If God is Almighty, All-Powerful then:

  1. Supernatural:  6 days (or 6 seconds) to speak the universe into existence is no big deal for God.
  2. The stars were created with light already steaming in a path for us to see them on earth
  3. The Bible does not imply Adam had a naval or that the first trees did not necessarily have growth rings
  4. God created the universe ex-nihilo (out of nothing)
  5. Creation was immediate, not gradual or trial-and-error
  6. God could have varying degrees of isotope discharge
  7. No one saw creation; even if a person was there, they would not have understood what was happening
  8. God chose 6 days to serve as a pattern for man’s work and then rest periods.                    (Ex. 20:8-11)
  9. Omnipotent defined:  “God can do anything that does not violate His nature; He is all powerful; nothing is impossible for Him; His power is unlimited and unrestricted except by His own choice.”