"What is Good About Our Bad Fall?"


June 15, 2014

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Passage: Genesis 2,3

Genesis 2 & 3 records the interactions between God, Adam, Eve and Satan.  With the resultant “Fall of Man” - sin, pain and suffering entered into the world.  What possible good could come out of this grave situation?


  1. 1.   God the Creator was revealed as Generous

                                                (Gen. 2:7-9, 15-18)

  • God created this beautiful perfect garden for Adam
  • God emphasized great freedom with one restriction
  • God noticed that Adam was lonely
  • God created Eve for Adam’s helpmate and partner


  1. 2.   Satan was exposed with Evil intent          (Gen 3:1-6)
  • Satan disguised himself as a crafty serpent
  • He caused Eve to distrust God’s character and question His motives
  • He deceived Eve and then tempted Adam to sin
  • Satan = “accuser” or “Father of Lies” attacks believers who are vulnerable in faith    (John 8:44; Rev. 12:9-10)


  1. 3.   Mankind was identified with the Propensity to sin

     Eve restated                      God said

     (Gen. 3:2-3)                      (Gen. 2:16-17)

a. Belittled Privilege:

          we may eat                       you are free to eat

          eat fruit from the trees        eat from any tree

b. Overstate Restriction:

     you must not eat…and        you must not eat from

     must not touch fruit          the tree + 0

c. Minimize Penalty:

          or you will die                    for when you eat of it

                                                you will surely die

  1. 4.   Actions and Choices have Consequences

                                                (Gen. 3:7-19, 23-24)

  • Sin choices caused a break in fellowship with God
  • When we are guilty we tend to hide from God
  • There was blame of another person and ultimately God

(Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent and

the serpent did not have a leg to stand on)

  • In the resultant curse impacts us:  man’s work became “work” and women would have pain in childbirth and there will be struggles for leadership between couples 


Q) Why is it thought that Eve ate an Apple?

  • She ate fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  In 4th century AD, the word “malum” appeared in the Latin Vulgate translation for “evil”.  The Latin word for apple is also “malum”.  So people assumed that Eve ate an apple.


  1. 5.   God’s Love and Grace is greater than our sin

                                                          (Gen. 3:8-9)

  • God initiates the relationship with people
  • God provides skin garments for Adam and Eve, showing them the seriousness of their sin that blood was shed
  • Broken relationships can be restored
  • The lost can be found
  • Redemption was set in motion – The Messiah Redeemer would be born through the offspring of Adam and Eve


Virgin birth:  Sin entered the world by the sin of one man Adam.  The sin nature is transmitted to each person through the line of the father.  Because Christ was conceived by the HS (and the virgin Mary), He did not have a physical father and thus had no sin nature!  He lived a sinless life and died a perfect sacrifice for mankind.


“For if the many died by the trespass of one man (Adam), how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many!”

                                                          (Rom 5:15)